The Integrated Circuit MC14490P is constructed and designed with the complementary MOS enhancement mode device with Motorola and Semiconductor technical data interfacing with the mechanical contacts. The eliminator circuit and electronic devices voltage source regulation generated clean signal for the processing and stabilised itself for the contact closure with “make” and “break” operation and function. To perform the RC oscillator clock signal input operation, the external capacitor with desired value is used for the switching delay timing electronic circuit devices. 

utsourceMC14490P price Integrated Circuit 

The clock signal operation and programmable function can be easily controlled for bounce oscillating frequency response and output determined states. 

Key Features of MC14490P: 

  1. All the input interlinked connection is protective by diodes
  2. Consist of an internal oscillator signal 
  3. MC14490P can be used as a digital integrator circuit 
  4. Schmitt trigger for the no response power signal cycles 
  5. Chip complexity and equivalent gates are more 
  6. TTL Compatible and feature input/output power switching 
  7. Make and break contacts with single line input 
  8. Acts as Delay line and synchroniser 

Block Diagram and top View of MC14490P: 

As shown in the figure the block diagram of MC14490P performs oscillating signal generating power source voltage regulation from various equivalent gates and diodes. 

The top view of MC14490P is shown in the figure below with respective pinout configuration 

MC14490P Pinout 

MC14490P Block Diagram

The compatible features and fast switching with low power dissipation makes Integrated Circuit MC14490P efficient and recommended for a wide range of power electronic circuit applications. 

Schematic of MC14490P: 

The schematic of MC14490P with different dimensions and specifications is shown in the figure below 

MC14490P Schematic Diagram

Applications of MC14490P: 

The Integrated Circuit MC14490P is used in the wide range of power applications like in oscillators as shown below 

MC14490P oscillator circuit application

  1. It is also used in Digital Power transmission 
  2. Interrupt cycle programming 
  3. Bounce break and make circuits 
  4. Switching and analysation circuits etc. 

MC14490P Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to the Integrated Circuit MC14490P then you can also use the replacement of IC which shows similar electrical, thermal and programmable properties. 

So the replacement, substitute or an alternative of MC14490P is US5838589A 

Part Number Equivalent of MC14490P: 

The part number equivalent of MC14490P is MC10188P

Data sheet of MC14490P:


The Integrated Circuit MC14490P is used for a wide range of applications including the oscillating power signals generated from the high frequency source signals for the fast transmission and switching circuits.