SMD or Through-hole? Why not both?

A project log for KAN-15 LED Tactile Switch

A satisfying clickity on/off switch for your PCB projects

JeremyJeremy 09/12/2020 at 18:220 Comments

I really like this switch because it's effective at both being surface-mounted and through-hole.


This might seem a little misleading, due to the shape of the pins. Through-slot might be more accurate (har, har, har). 

Through-hole (PHT) KiCad footprint, with shim base outlined on the courtyard layer.

The footprint needs slots for the legs, and oshpark cuts these just fine. There's also something very satisfying with how well they fit during assembly (maybe this is just me).


Spend 30-seconds with a pair of pliers, and you suddenly have a solid surface-mountable switch.

This works just as well with the 3D printed shims.

There's also a KiCad footprint for it.