The first steps!

A project log for ANTHRO (Anthropomorphic Robot)

Any-tasks, fully modular humanoid robotics platform.

AnthroboticsAnthrobotics 11/25/2020 at 05:340 Comments

We had hit our first milestone: getting our robot to take it's first steps!

Of course, it wasn't entirely unassisted. The legs lacked some essential degrees of freedom required to correct itself if it were to lean too far to either side. It also lacked an IMU of some kind, so it wouldn't have any idea as to its orientation with the environment. Hence @Fennex628 being there to provide a helping hand.

At this point we had achieved very basic lateral motion moving in one direction, but it was pretty good for both our budget and timeframe at the time. Next, would be to add the additional DoF needed for advanced movement, and continue with the remainder of the build.