A Working Register Card

A project log for The W-4096: A Computer Made From RTL Logic

A 12-bit computer with a custom CPU made only from individual 2n3904s and 1K and 5K resistors

Buzz PendarvisBuzz Pendarvis 01/19/2021 at 09:210 Comments

Sorry for the long break! Since the last log, I've designed most of the CPU on a logic gate level, and I'm now working on converting that into actual resistor-transistor logic on circuit boards. In fact, I've already completed the board design for one of the most important components of the computer: the register. Using 12 D latches, 12 open collector IMPLIES gates, and an AND gate, I've made a register with inputs for output enable, write enable, clock, and reset. To demonstrate the functions of this card, I've made this video: