Hey guys, hope you all saw the demo of our latest Arduino off-road robot, cool right? Now let us take a look at the components used one by one. In this post, I will be showing you how I built this Remote Controlled Robot.

I will give you the complete schematics, codes and complete layout of all the boards used in this Arduino RC robot to make one yourself. So stay tuned!

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Arduino Off-Road Robot Demo

First let us take a look at our Arduino off-road robot and how it performs on rough terrain.

Arduino Off-Road Robot - Robotin-6 Demo

Looks cool right? Now let us take a look at the components used one by one.

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6-Wheel Drive Rough Terrain Robot Chassis

The whole off-road robot chassis is built using 2 mm aluminum alloy and the surface is coated with aluminum. Even though the material is lightweight, it is very strong and can carry all the; components - microcontroller, sensors and motors without any hassle.


Get this amazing 6WD robot chassis now.

It has 6 high-speed DC motors, with an RPM of 17, 000 combined with 1:34 full metal gearbox, enabling your 6-wheeled robot to obtain amazing speed and off-road performance. The use of six hydraulic spring dampers ensure adaptive driving experience even on rough terrains and uneven surfaces.

Arduino Off-Road Robot Components

  • Robot Chassis
  • Arduino Pro Mini
  • HC12
  • Remote Controller
  • VNH2SP30 Motor Driver
  • LiPo Battery

Making Arduino RC Robot


Here, we will be using HC 12 wireless module for transmitting data from the DIY Remote Controller to the RC Robot. They are commonly used in remote controlled robots and other wireless communication projects. This wireless module works under 433 megahertz frequency. When combined with an external antenna, this wireless module can transmit and receive data from a distance of up to 1 Kilometer line of sight and due to this reason we will be using this wireless module for our robot.

This wireless module can be easily connected to arduino or Raspberry Pi, and start using it for your project right away. Another advantage of using HC12 wireless module for your RC robot is, this module requires only two pins – TX and RX, for data transfer. You can save the rest of the pins of your...

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