The series CMOS Gate Logic Integrated Circuit MC14081BCP is a B series logic gate constructed with enhancement of P and N channel depletion in a single monolithic structure with the CMOS. This Integrated Circuit is mainly used for the low power dissipation and high noise immunity when the electronic circuit required to desire the high voltage flow regulation. 

UTSOURCE MC14081BCP Integrated Circuit

The supply source voltage and regulation of power to the switching circuit of MC14081BCP is compatible and highly efficient for the optimum electrical and electronic simulation and power resist. The integrated circuit MC14081BCP is primary use for the low loss dissipation of heat energy from the electronic when it is charged high. 

Key Features of MC14081BCP: 

  1. Supply voltage of the MC14081BCP is varied and ranges from 2 volts to 18 volts 
  2. All the outputs are buffered and triggered when the source input is given to the system from input terminals
  3. It is capable of driving high load input currents and source voltage flow regulation 
  4. Over loaded maximum rating temperature and 
  5. Triple diode and double diode protection security 
  6. Pin-to-pin corresponding relation for the electronic devices
  7. The Integrated Circuit MC14081BCP it Pb Free and RoHS Compliant 

Pinout Configuration of MC14081BCP: 

The basic layout and pinout configuration of the IC MC14081BCP is shown in the figure below with respective terminal layout and specifications. 

MC14081BCP Pinout Configuration 

As shown in the figure the Integrated Circuit is fabricated and designed with 14 terminal layout and pinout configuration. All the terminals of MC14081BCP have different commands and programmable functions to perform for the specific output with the input specified applied at the input terminals. 

Application of MC14081BCP: 

The applications of MC14081BCP consist of high noise immunity power electronic switching circuits. 

MC14081BCP high Noise Immunity

  1. It is also used in dissipation power electronics 
  2. The load source voltage regulation 
  3. Power dissipation circuits 
  4. MC14081BCP is also used in power switching circuits 

MC14081BCP Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to get the Integrated Circuit (IC) chip MC14081BCP then you can also use the replacement, substitute or an alternative of the IC which shows similar functional and thermal properties of the IC MC14081BCP. 

So the substitute or an alternative of the IC MC14081BCP is MC14001B, MC14082B

Equivalent Part Number of MC14081BCP: 

The equivalent part number of MC14081BCP MC14023B, MC14081B 

Data sheet of MC14081BCP


The Integrated Circuit MC14081BCP is highly compatible and advanced and used in the application of a wide range of electronic devices.