September 26, 2020

A project log for Raspberry Pi PortaStudio

A portable studio based on the Raspberry Pi

Austin MartinAustin Martin 09/27/2020 at 01:090 Comments

I received my new Raspberry Pi 4 B, and loaded up Raspberry Pi OS lite on it. I'm debating whether to just stay on this or try to do my own custom system again. Anyway, the main reason I got the 4, is so I could use Ardour on it. I prefer Ardour to LMMS any day. I successfully got Ardour to run on it with no problems (go figure), and it's running as the only application on an Xorg environment. Meaning no window managers, etc. I've sent off the casing to have some of the holes filled on it via welding, and I should be getting it back sometime next week. Here are some basic pictures of what I've gotten so far.

I've just ordered the Raspberry Pi official 7" LCD screen, which will be in some time around October 6-7.