October 12th 2020

A project log for Raspberry Pi PortaStudio

A portable studio based on the Raspberry Pi

Austin MartinAustin Martin 10/12/2020 at 17:580 Comments


Okay, so I finally got the mixer face plate back, aaaaaaand... I just can't use it. It was so badly warped, and after I measured some stuff it turns out I really couldn't use it anyway. I really tried to use it, but I just can't. BUT FEAR NOT, while I may have just broken the only caveat of this whole build, I will still keep on the build.

New plan...

So generally I'm a lot better at working with wood versus metal. (I really don't know what I was thinking trying to do this out of metal... Oh well). I've decided to make the case out of wood (1/2 inch plywood (the good plywood though)), and it turned out pretty well. I would have gotten some time lapse footage of it but honestly I just really didn't want to. I do have a picture of the semi-finished product. There is a little bit more I have to do, but this is about what I've got. 

The Design

So the design is based on a Rupert Neve mixer. Marked in red there is supposed to be four round VU meters (I really wanted to keep the meters), in green, there are faders, in blue there are transport controls, and in orange there is a jog wheel to move the editor.

The small rectangular hole is for a power switch, and the big one is for the monitor.

In conclusion...

So I totally broke my one rule, but I'm really okay with it as long as it gets done. I really should have done the wood chassis first, but I didn't, oh well you learn from your mistakes. I'll be posting a bit more frequently, but I can't guarantee that there won't be another gap in posting if I'm waiting for something.