The Integrated Circuit TDA19997HL/C1 is an auto adaptive equaliser or the High Definition Multi-media Interface (HDMI) which enables the data input circuit integration network of multiple HDMI ports input with at least one output and input connection. The Integrated Circuit chip device TDA19997HL/C1 is witch with the four DVI and HDMI port integration with its own dedicated and EDID memory allocation system performance. The DDC bus and auto adaptive equaliser electronic system improves signal quality by allowing the usage of cable network for the best clarity voltage flow regulation. 

UTSOURCE TDA19997HL/C1 PRICE Integrated Circuit

The deep colour 10-bit channel and stream output variation electronic system comes with a high-bandwidth or the digital content protection and circuit regulation monitoring system. All the settings and control can be operated with heat dissipation power system at the circuit simulation. 

Key Features of TDA19997HL/C1: 

  1. Pin compatible and replacement with the match able circuits devices 
  2. The HDMI port detects 5V output signal variation 
  3. TDA19997HL/C1 supports colour depth processing of the system 
  4. Robust integration with the auto adaptive feature 
  5. The circuit is integrated with 50 Ohm power supply circuit 
  6. Display tolerant electronic device simulation power system 
  7. Automatic HDP regulation and system variation 
  8. DDC mater bus serial power transformation and switching circuits 
  9. Automatic EDID load simulation 
  10. Frequency measurement for the load circuits 

Pinout configuration and Top view of TDA19997HL/C1: 

The basic layout and pinout configuration of the IC TDA19997HL/C1 is shown in the figure below with respective terminal specification and layout configuration, please have a look…

TDA19997HL/C1 Pinout Configuration 

So this is the basic layout and pinout configuration of IC TDA19997HL/C1 which shows different terminal specification and execution characteristics with a wide range of power electronic system switching. 

Applications of TDA19997HL/C1: 

As shown in the figure below TDA19997HL/C1 is used for the auto-adaptive equaliser electronic system circuit. The load flow regulation and switching enable power automation of the system characterised the variation modules for power transmission with minimum dissipation. 

TDA19997HL/C1 Equaliser application system

  1. It is also used in power switching electronic circuit 
  2. Load flow automation system 
  3. Networking design and power system etc. 

TDA19997HL/C1 Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to get the IC TDA19997HL/C1 then don’t worry you can also use the replacement substitute or an alternative of TDA19997HL/C1 which shows similar functional and thermal properties of TDA19997HL/C1. 

So the substitute or an alternative of TDA19997HL/C1 is TDA19997H1

Equivalent Part Number of TDA19997HL/C1: 

The equivalent part number of TDA19997HL/C1 is TDA19997HL

Data sheet of TDA19997HL/C1


The Integrated Circuit TDA19997HL/C1 is used for the switching power delay module electronic system for the wide range of power regulation and equaliser setting electronic devices.