Open Source "Apple Mouse" (M0100) Shell

✅ Dimensionally Accurate
✅ Open Source
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This is a dimensionally accurate 3D reproduction of the Apple Mouse M0100 and includes each individual component of the shell.

Available to download from Thingiverse:

The Apple Mouse M0100 design shipped with Macintosh computers as early as 1984. Now you can revisit retro-vibes by modifying this open source design for a modern bluetooth mouse or use the ready-to-print files to repair your original M0100.

If you appreciate this project please show your support by sharing my work and leaving feedback to further improve the design.

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cprossu wrote 09/16/2020 at 06:22 point

Thank you for this! I've started printing one of these as I have a few of these that are too far gone/cracked/missing pieces.

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