The Integrated Circuit MC846P is used for the standard and compatible 14 pin flat dual line package. The integration and compatibility of the IC is excellent which shows its exceptional working power source voltage flow regulation technique. The cross coupled connection and 4 inverters 10 pin suitable configuration is the best and standard for the electronic circuit performance and better working. 

utsource MC846P price Integrated Circuit

The Integrated Circuit MC846P is a combination process with load line over flow voltage regulation of input and non-inverting circuit signals. The cross couple and value added circuit diagram of the circuit well maintained for the discrete and high voltage levels. 

Key Features of MC846P: 

  1. It is Quad 2-Input NAND Gate with standard control 
  2. The Integrated Circuit is not recommending for the new designs and automation technology 
  3. High compatible and compact for the board size allocation and dynamic storage 
  4. Special function and integration with cascading power input signals is also available for the circuitry diagram 

Layout and overview of MC846P: 

The basic layout and terminal specification of the integrated Circuit MC846P is shown in the figure below 

MC846P Basic Layout 

As you can see the compact size and standard fabrication is perfect for the electronic embedding for the durable usage and power switching electronic circuit automation. 

Applications of MC846P: 

MC846P is in Motorola Quad application circuits for the source load power regulation which save good amount of energy and thereby decreasing the resistive usage by solid and virtual interruption cycle of the circuit. 

MC846P PLC Board Voltage Regulation

  1. It is also used in the switching circuits
  2. Analysis of power load voltage flow regulation 
  3. To minimise the source load and transverse the best current possible throughout the circuit 

MC846P Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to find the Integrated Circuit MC846P then you can also use the replacement substitute or an alternative of the IC MC846P which shows similar functional, electrical, thermal and power electronic switching properties as that of MC846P. 

So the replacement substitute or an alternative of MC846P is MC846

Equivalent Part Number of MC14001BCP: 

The equivalent part number of the IC  is MC846

Data sheet of MC846P


The Integrated Circuit MC846P is highly compatible and efficient for the power usage and source overflow voltage regulation techniques for the best usage and load flow minimising the circuitry dissipation.