Talking clock

Retro clock with seven segment display, WDC65C02 microprocessor and SP0256 voice synthesis chip.

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Few years back I began experimenting with retro microprocessors. I designed board with WDC65C02 microcontroller, EPROM, static RAM and some other logic ICs. The goal was to make something similar to modern Arduino, but with retro parts. Then I began designing "shields" consisting various I/O chips, displays etc. The next step was to design complete device around those modules. This clock is one of such devices.
Yes, I know it would be easier to simply build it with modern STM32 chip, but the best part of experimenting with retro technology is pure fun of doing it!

Clock utilized quite large, seven segment display. It uses classic SP0256 voice synthesis chip to read time/date and also throw some references to the pop culture. Time can be wet by sending command via RS232 interface. There is only one thing left to do (beside giving it some nice case) - implementing automatic time synchronization with DCF77 system.

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