The Lo-Fi Guide to the Orchestra

Introducing the Arduino Lo-Fi Guide to the Orchestra

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I've finally pulled together a collection of my music STEM projects into an Arduino Lo-Fi Orchestra.

Over time I hope to bring you more arrangements that really show off the low-fidelity of using a microcontroller for music!


I’ve been wanting to do something that combined a number of these projects for a while, so in celebration of reaching (and now surpassing) 50 project posts, I've put together the Arduino Lo-Fi Orchestra!

The following principles have guided me in putting this together:

  • It must use the projects as they appear on my site (although there have been a few updates as a consequence of putting it all together).
  • They are striving for “something someone else could reproduce simply and cheaply” rather than aiming for audio quality.
  • There is no video production or particular mechanical polish – see the point above! (also this isn’t really my thing).
  • I’m not trying to create a generic MIDI file player – these arrangements are by me and where appropriate I’ve simplified the music to give the Arduino a fighting chance!
  • Its a bit of fun and something I hope to be able to sling some more MIDI arrangements at in the future too.

The project is now published, and full details are available here:

You can watch my introductory video, the "Lo-Fi Guide to the Orchestra"  below.


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