The Integrated Circuit device TDA8563AQ is a stereo BTL car radio power amplifier electronic circuit device with diagnostic facility. TDA8563AQ chip is an integrated compatible and efficient electronic module circuit system with Class-B amplifier with the single–in-line 13 pin configuration electronic module system. The TDA8563AQ Integrated circuit also comes with a BTL configuration which makes it highly compatible and effective for the load variation electronic simulation. 

utsource TDA8563AQ Integrated Circuit 

The Integrated circuit TDA8563AQ is used for the car radio amplification application and because of its compact size and compatible functions and circuit regulation power system this is used for the industrial as well as commercial purpose in the power system electronic modules. 

Key Features of TDA8563AQ:

  1. Low output offset voltage required
  2. The Integrated Circuit TDA8563AQ required few components on the circuit for data simulation 
  3. Fixed gain for the system 
  4. Good ripple rejection technology feature 
  5. Load dump protection circuit enable 
  6. Low power dissipation for short circuit protection 
  7. The impedance offers is low about 4 Ohms to 8 Ohms 
  8. High output power 

Pinout Configuration and Top View of TDA8563AQ: 

The basic layout and pinout configuration of the IC TDA8563AQ is shown in the figure below with respective terminal specification and layout configuration. Please have a look…

TDA8563AQ Pinout Configuration 

So this is the basic layout and terminal specification circuit diagram and pinning information of Integrated Circuit module TDA8563AQ. The onset clipping and dynamic distortion for the circuit is highly enabled for the load variation power system for the output level characteristics. 

Applications of TDA8563AQ: 

As shown in the figure below TDA8563AQ is used for the car radio amplification application and data transmission power switching electronic circuit. 

TDA8563AQ Car Radio Amplifier board application

  1. It is also used in power switching circuit 
  2. BTL Configuration electronic module system 
  3. Power flow load variation 
  4. Monitoring system 
  5. Load flow home automation etc. 

TDA8563AQ Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to get the Integrated Circuit TDA8563AQ then don’t worry you can also use the replacement substitute or an alternative of the IC TDA8563AQ which shows similar functional and thermal properties. 

So the substitute or replacement of TDA8563AQ is TDA8563

Equivalent Part Number of TDA8563AQ: 

The equivalent part number of TDA8563AQ is TDA8563

Data sheet of TDA8563AQ


So the Integrated Circuit module TDA8563AQ is used for the car radio amplification application with a variable system.