Configuring the SE050 chip

A project log for SE050 Security Breakout Board

Breakout board intended to secure Raspberry PI or others IoT products thanks to SE050 secure element from NXP

Michael GrandMichael Grand 10/04/2020 at 17:490 Comments

NXP provides a simple tool intended to ease SE050 configuration. To install it type the following commands:

cd ~/se050_mw/simw-top/pycli/
sudo pip3 install -r requirements.txt
sudo pip3 install -e src/

Then you can use the 'ssscli' command to control/configure your SE050 secure element. For example:

#connect to se050
ssscli connect se050 t1oi2c none
#get SE050 UID
ssscli se05x uid
#list objects on SE050
ssscli se05x readidlist
#generate a 4096bits RSA key pair at address 0xf0000201
ssscli generate rsa 0xf0000201 4096
#sign a file
touch foo
ssscli sign 0xf0000201 foo foo_sig
#verify file
ssscli verify 0xf0000201 foo foo_sig

SSCLI program provides other interesting features allowing to easily personalize your SE050 chip. Check the documentation provided with the NXP Plug & Trust MW for more information.

In the next post, i will explain how to use the SE050 chip as a standard PKCS11 token using OpenSC pkcs11-tool.