Building the enclosure

A project log for Kronoino : An AVR powered Digital Wrist Watch

A digital watch using the ATmega 328P and seven-segment displays

Brainy.BaboonBrainy.Baboon 09/26/2020 at 08:440 Comments

I could not 3D print the housing/enclosure because of a lack of finances and the sheer impracticality of ordering anything during a pandemic. I devised an alternative. I made the housing out of regular epoxy. The kind used in sealing pipes and such.  Regular epoxy is quite harmless once it is cured. I used it on aquatic snails that had sustained shell damage/deterioration and with no observable ill effects. However, I would warn anyone trying this to monitor themselves for any signs of allergies from the epoxy rubbing against their skin. 

I made cut outs from cardboard and stacked them together into a shape resembling the cavity of the enclosure and then draped epoxy around it. 

The cut-outs

After the epoxy cured, I removed the cardboard by soaking it in water.

It need a bit of filing and sanding. Some imperfections were repaired by adding more epoxy