Some perfboarding at midnight

A project log for Kronoino : An AVR powered Digital Wrist Watch

A digital watch using the ATmega 328P and seven-segment displays

Brainy.BaboonBrainy.Baboon 09/26/2020 at 18:180 Comments

My attempt at shrinkifying everything you saw on the breadboard to fit the enclosure I made from regular epoxy.

I decided to add an IC socket as that would not consume any extra space and its good practice to add a socket whenever possible. I also added four female headers(to Reset, RX, TX, GND) so that I can program the Atmega without having to remove it from the circuit. And the three red wires could have been connected below the perfboard but I think they would look good on the face of the watch. They add a certain character to it. Don't they?