And it ticks! (every 8 seconds)

A project log for Kronoino : An AVR powered Digital Wrist Watch

A digital watch using the ATmega 328P and seven-segment displays

Brainy.BaboonBrainy.Baboon 09/26/2020 at 18:520 Comments

I added a strap and some velcro. I would probably replace it with a NATO strap later. A bit of clear plastic covers the enclosure. It is a bit clumsy because its 10 times the volume and 5 times the weight of my usual Sonata. 

I will add some code for visual effects every time it displays a number. 

Currently it consumes 1 microamps of current when idle. This reading is correct only up to one decimal place. I measured it with a DT830. 

At this rate of consumption, it should last at least a year on this CR2032 coin cell which is rated for 200 mAh but realistically probably would provide only a 100 mAh.

I am only a beginner in electronics and this is not my comfort zone. I would appreciate if someone finds an error and writes in the comment. I would consider myself fortunate to have learned something.