The Integrated Circuit MC68B21P Motorola is a Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA) which belongs to the family MC6800 power electronic switching circuit integrated chips microprocessor. The Microprocessor MC68B21P is capable of MPU with the 8-bit bidirectional data bus universal serial power transmission connecting network. The control lines and switching capability of the timer circuit MC68B21P is absolutely ultimate with variable control logic functions. 

MC68B21P Integrated Circuit

The functional configuration of the PIA address registers and memory allocation of the Microprocessor MC68B21P is programmed with MPU during the system initialisation. The input and output peripheral programmed interruption cycle interface system is flexible for overall voltage simulation. 

Key Features of MC68B21P: 

  1. MC68B21P comes with 8-bit bi-directional data bus for communication with the MPU power signals 
  2. Two programmable registers allocation 
  3. Two programmable data direction registers for the input circuit simulation 
  4. Program control interrupt cycle integration and circuit
  5. High impedance network with the three state power regulation technique 
  6. Handshake control logic and output network 
  7. The peripheral line CMOS flow regulation circuit 

Pinout configuration and Top View of MC68B21P: 

The basic layout and pinout configuration of MC68B21P is shown in the figure below with respective terminal specification and control logic input with loop gain direction system. 

MC68B21P Pinout Configuration 

This is the basic layout and pinout configuration of the microprocessor MC68B21P which comes with 40 pin layout schematic diagram and power circulation variable technology. 

Applications of MC68B21P: 

As shown in the figure below MC68B21P microprocessor is used in the adapter circulation and voltage flow regulation electronic circuit modules… 

MC68B21P Adapter circuit application

  1. MC68B21P is also used in misprocessing circuitry electronic system 
  2. Basic electronic devices for the voltage flow regulation 
  3. Highly Integrated standard gadgets etc. 

MC68B21P Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to find the microprocessor MC68B21P then don’t worry you can also use the replacement substitute or an alternative of the Integrated Circuit misprocesses MC68B21P which shows similar functional and thermal specification of MC68B21P. 

So the substitute or an alternative of the IC MC68B21P is MC68B21

Equivalent Part Number of MC68B21P: 

The equivalent part number of MC68B21P is MC74HC4040AN

Data sheet of MC68B21P


The microprocessor MC68B21P is used for the power regulation voltage source schematic and adapters for the bi directional current flow and hand shake logic circuit implementation with break, make circuitry system with control outputs.