testplatform/prototype update

A project log for Solar Node Swiss Army Knife unopinionated approach to self-sufficient systems.

Leonard PollakLeonard Pollak 10/18/2020 at 08:460 Comments

LLS1 Testplatform

lls1-testplatform-code was updated and should now be ready for testing the prototype.

Since ampy occasionally crashes, i decided against using it and incorporate the MicroPython scripts into the firmware itself instead.


The assembly is in progress and it should arrive in the 1st week of November if everything goes well with shipping...

MicroPython Firmware

The MicroPython scripts development will start as soon as the prototype arrives.

there will be two MicroPython firmwares:

  1. testing device functionality
  2. "production"

Test Firmware

the RTC alarm will be read by the Raspberry Pi

the voltages will be verified by the Raspberry Pi

Production Firmware