The Integrated Circuit chip MC14584BCPG Hex Schmitt Trigger electronic power regulation circuit is highly compatible and efficient for the overload load voltage flow and transmission inside the electronic device with minimum power dissipation. MC14584BCPG is constructed and fabricated with the help of a single monolithic structure with distribution power across the whole circuit. 

MC14584BCPG Integrated Circuit 

The low dissipation and noise immunity power source voltage regulation of the circuit MC14584BCPG chip is desirable and can be controlled with respective frequency noise delivers high frequency with minimum attenuation. The Hex Inverter enhanced the noise immunity with “square up” and wave charging wave from electronic modal system. 

Key Features of MC14584BCPG: 

  1. The supply voltage of MC14584BCPG ranges from 3V to 18 V with variable simulation 
  2. MC14584BCPG is capable of driving high load voltage with maximum rated temperature 
  3. It provides double data protection to diodes specification 
  4. The greater Hysteresis and Pin-to-pin replacement for the match able network electronic chips 
  5.  Unique site control and cable of changing the variable limit settings 
  6. MC14584BCPG is Pb Free and RoHS Compliant

Pinout Configuration and Overview of MC14584BCPG: 

The basic layout and pinout configuration of the Integrated Circuit chip MC14584BCPG is shown in the figure below with the respective terminal function performs to suitable command operations given to the system 

MC14584BCPG Pinout Configuration 

So this is the basic layout and pinout configuration of MC14584BCPG comes with 14 Pin layout design with the controlled and variable input and output cascading circuit. 

Applications of MC14584BCPG: 

As shown in the figure below MC14584BCPG is used for the Triggered input power application signals given to the system 

MC14584BCPG Triggering Application Circuit

  1. It is also used in Schmitt Trigger signals 
  2. Hex Inverter power radiation 
  3. Noise immunity circuit applications 
  4. Variable electronic appliances 
  5. Simulation frequency and control rate systems etc. 

MC14584BCPG Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to find the Integrated Circuit chip MC14584BCPG then don’t worry, there is an alternative option available for you to continue the process with practical analysation of power circuits. 

So you can find the substitute replacement or an alternative of the Integrated Circuit chip MC14584BCPG which shows similar function, thermal properties and electrical characteristics of the IC. 

The replacement of MC14584BCPG is CD40106BE

Equivalent Part Number of MC14584BCPG: 

The equivalent part number of MC14584BCPG is CD40106BE

Data sheet of MC14584BCPG


So the Integrated Circuit chip MC14584BCPG is used for the Hex Trigger input power signal for the variable electronic switching circuits with an interrupted mechanism.