Fluval's Biggest Shame

Automatic time correction from my Fluval Plant 3.0

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The Problem:
I bought a Fluval 3.0 light for my aquarium. It's an automated lighting system that allows me to simulate a sun rise, and sun set, storms, and more. There is one un excusable problem with it. If i lose power the internal time resets to midnight. That means my light will no long be in sync with my other timers.

It may not sound like a big deal, but light causes the plants in my tank to start photosynthesis, which is important because I inject co2 to help them grow. If the light isn't on, the plants wont remove the co2, and the fish can suffocate!

The Solution:
I already have a Raspberry-Pi hooked up on the same circuit as my light. I want to program it to connect to the light via blue tooth, and reset the time every time it boots up. That way every time the power comes back on, the clock will be corrected.

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