Big Red Arcade Button Kits

This kit makes it easy to add a Big Red Button to any project!

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Almost every project can be improved by adding a big red button to it. But it's not as easy as you might think! 60mm arcade buttons are very long and require a deep enclosure. Well, no more! This handy kit uses a cardboard enclosure to hold the button, and comes with an awesome sticker sheet that you can use to decorate your new shiny candy-like button.

If you'd rather 3D print a plastic one, check out more info below for our design on Thingiverse.

Check out below for step-by-step instructions on how to use the kit to make your own Big Red Button Box.

Want to 3D print a plastic one?  We have files shared on Thingiverse.

  • 1 × 60mm big red arcade button
  • 1 × Quick-connect to JST XH cable
  • 1 × Cardboard box button holder
  • 1 × Stickers for a box cutout template
  • 1 × Stickers to decorate your button

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  • 1
    Insert the switch into the switch holder.

    We find it easiest to insert the post nearest the LED into the corresponding hole on the switch first, then pull out the other tab while swinging the switch around and snapping it into place.

  • 2
    Push the quick connect receptacles onto the blades.

    The larger ones (0.250”) attach to the LED blades, the smaller ones (0.187”) attach to the switchblades.  Note that COM is the blade on the bottom of the switch, and you can choose whether to attach the second one to either NO (normally open) or NC(normally closed).

  • 3
    Place the LED into the LED holder

    *Make a note of which leg the flat side/cathode of the LED is contacting. You’ll need to know this later when connecting the button to your project.

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