YouTube Ad, Mute Button

My goal is to make a simple, timed, mute for YouTube ads.

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The device will allow you to set a timed mute to silence YouTube ads.
A keyboard add-on.

Have you ever just tried to watch you favorite YouTube video about extracting platinum from roadside gravel, when suddenly, without warning, you are bombarded.

An advertisement... for a product you'll never buy (or try even).

This small device will allow you to set a timed mute for these pesky ads.

With a simple scroll and a click, I say goodbye to the man telling me how dumb I am for not selling cheap plastic, Au Revoir security app I don't need for any devices, Adios political person telling me "blah blah"!!


First code, it's ugly.

ino - 4.78 kB - 09/25/2020 at 19:19


  • 1 × Arduino Leonardo minipro Just a cheap clone
  • 1 × Rotary encoder From a 30 in 1 kit
  • 1 × OLED ssd1306 Mines a 32 x 128
  • 10 × Jumpers Electronic Components / Misc. Electronic Components

  • Have to start somewhere.

    K0Gs09/25/2020 at 19:17 3 comments

    Found a article on the Hackaday site with an awesome split keyboard. Custom Keyboard Goes Split, Gets Thin, Acquires Stained Wood
    In the discussions, I was inspired to make my first published project.

    I've only ever used an Arduino as a PS3 to PS4 device adapter. So I had to start simple and install / learn the IDE.
    I'll go through the examples that I used for a framework in the next few blogs.

    My code needs "work", but I'll post what i got so far.

    I think I need to make a PCB and case. I thinking that the case should hook easily over the edges of standard keyboards. This will leave it to sit flush around the perimeter and allow users to place in a comfortable location.

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tyler wrote 05/05/2021 at 21:05 point

So I was thinking... (Dangerous - I know :)

Isn't there software that can be used to achieve this effect? Something like maybe making a browser addon?

If so, you could also make it skip the ad at the earliest opportunity, which would save the accumulation of fractions of a second wasted.

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K0Gs wrote 09/25/2020 at 15:56 point

will update, thanks for the suggestion!

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Arthur Wolf wrote 09/25/2020 at 11:48 point

This is very very cool! Maybe you should extend the description to explain this is about muting advertisements, I think it'd generate more interrest if it was explicitely explained what this is helpful for :)

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