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    Step 1: PCB Assembly and Soldering

    Download the Joystick Kit Bill of Materials:

    Gather your Joystick Kit PCB and all required components listed in the BOM.

    It is especially important to follow the BOM exactingly as it tells you where to place the components on the PCB. The fifth column on the BOM is the “parts” column. This column designates which position on the PCB you are to pace the component. For example, if under the parts column you have a resistor labeled r1 you would then find the position marked r1 on the PCB and place the resistor there.

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    Step 2: Wiring your Joystick to the Builder Base

    On the back of your Joystick PCB you will have a 2x5 header. This is where you will plug in your cables to the client.

    The table below shows how each terminal on the 2x5 header corresponds to the Joystick and button components on the PCB.

    From the two diagrams below you can see how we wired the 2x5 header to the Builder Base.

    2x5 Header

    Builder Base

    First we will start by connecting the GND and 3.3V terminals to the GND and 3.3V ports respectively on the Builder Base.

    Be careful to make sure that you connect the Joystick to 3.3V and not 5V. If you don’t the readings from the joystick will be off.

    Then we connect the remaining header terminals to the builder base as follows:

    SW1 → GP0

    Y1 → GP1

    X1 → GP2

    SW2 → GP3

    Y2 → GP4

    X2 → GP5

    SW3 → GP6

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    Step 3: Build the Firmware

    Remember: All Apps and Firmware Files are available in the resources section at the bottom of the page!

    Navigate to the Firmware Builder and create a new Firmware file. We named ours Joystick.

    Next, click the “+ Add Hardware” button and find the Joystick device via the search bar, select it, name it, and then click “Add Hardware”. We named ours Left.

    Now, add another device by clicking the “Add Hardware” button again, and add another Joystick. We named this one “Right”.

    Lastly, we will add one more device. Repeat the steps above to add another device, but this time search for a “Button”.

    You should now have three devices in your firmware file.

    Now you can follow this video to configure each device in the firmware file.

    You have now finished configuring your firmware. Save your firmware by clicking the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen.

    Now you can upload your firmware to the Build Base.