BOCA - Simple Robot Platform for STEM Education

A simple robot easy to print and assemble, with 8 DOF and some interesting moves to keep you going with your robotics research and study

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I created this robot as part of my PhD study to teach myself about robotics and respective methods/skills necessary to pursue this field. The current robot has 8 DOF and another on-going base aiming for 12 DOF about to be released soon, suitable for most applications in robot locomotion study and research.

Currently the inverse kinematics is finished, and that the robot can navigate around with some predefined gaits. Next step will consider simulations and reinforcement learning, with more external peripherals and add-on, to turn BOCA into a suitable robot platform for education and research of all shapes and sizes.

Demo of BOCA controlled via bluetooth to navigate around:

  • 1 × Arduino Nano
  • 1 × PCA9685 Interface and IO ICs / Display Interface
  • 8 × Servo SG90
  • 1 × DC step down
  • 1 × HC-05 bluetooth module

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