Workshop Details:

It's harder to feel connected when everyone is remote. Luckily, we have all these internet-connected robots to help!
We've been connecting lights, servos, roombas, and more to the internet. In this session, we'll use code to interact with some IRL bots and devices, controllable via SMS, phone calls, and more. We'll break out into teams to build remote collaboration experiences, escape rooms, and puzzles, then try them out together. (No hardware or prior dev knowledge required! All levels welcome.)

In this workshop, participants will work with:

Connected stuff at the workshop Instructor's home, with endpoints for driving it, turning it on and off, among other stuff. Workshop participants can then build scripts to interact with the hardware, with their code editor of choice.
At the end, workshop participants will present their interactivity things and we'll all play with them.

Instructor: Christine Sunu

Christine has worked in technology, media, medicine, and art. During her residency at Supplyframe DesignLab, Christine developed her HaRoCo robots, which are designed to help people achieve personal goals, become healthier, and feel more emotionally grounded. Her work meshes the advantages of modern, Internet-connected, and "smart" technology with our everyday, tactile, emotive world.