Workshop details:

Hardware: Participants will need a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 running the desktop variation of Raspberry Pi OS, with a monitor and keyboard.

Software: -> Linux ARM 32 bits
Then install

Link to all 3 parts:

Raspberry Pi 4:
Pi Noobs SD card:

Pi Power supply:

Parts Provided by Digi-Key:
Link to cart:


ESP32 USB Cable:

One Wire Sensor:

4.7K Resistor for One-Wire:
ESP32 - Power supply:

Instructor: Robert C Nelson (rcn-ee) is a Principal Applications Engineer with Digi-Key. He has been with Digi-Key since 2005 and assists customers with deploying ARM and Linux systems. He serves on the board of the BeagleBoard Foundation. He is responsible for maintaining the Linux on ARM section of the