A web service is provided to expose the Unicorn pHat through an HTTP interface. This controls color and brightness, and will monitor the on/off switch (if available) to shut down the light in an orderly fashion.

An HTTP interface is provided that allows for color control and brightness to be specified remotely. As an example:

Would set the Unicorn pHat to purple across all LEDs, at 30% brightness.

The status of the Unicorn pHat is available as:

Details on installing the software, as well as protecting your Pi for repeated use, is available within the GitHub repo.

An OBS script is provided that maps preview/program/idle status to AV input sources. You can chose the color and brightness for the status of your input sources, and map each input source to the IP address or hostname of your tally light web interface.

You must have installed the correct version of Python for OBS to properly load Python plugins. Details for setting up OBS, installing the interface, and configuring settings are available within the GitHub repo's README.