NeoPixel & Blinkt! pHat Support

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Build network controlled tally lights for live cameras, intended for control by OBS but extensible enough to use for whatever you like.

DeckerEgoDeckerEgo 07/07/2021 at 02:420 Comments

TallyPi has just moved to Python 3, and with it gained support for two new LED platforms: NeoPixel and Blinkt! pHat.

The NeoPixel platform should be widely available and well-known. In particular I have validated the 5x10 PixelLeaf RGB Matrix for use with TallyPi, using the Adafruit Blinka libraries. The LEDs are incredibly bright, even without level shifting.

Pimoroni's Blinkt! pHat doesn't have nearly as many LEDs as the PixelLeaf or the now discontinued Unicorn pHat, however installation is incredibly simple. No soldering required, and the LEDs are bright enough for most indoor conditions.

An improved HTML dashboard, much faster Python OBS script, and documentation fixes are also about to be released with version 0.5.