Making a HUD using old VHS camcorder's View Finder

Simple B&W HUD.

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This is an idea of making a simple HUD display using a viewfinder of a VHS camcorder. First thing i did is bought a VHS camcorder online for couple of quid's & tear it down. Unable to find data sheet or Pin-out i started to find its pins by selecting the +VCC volts at 5VDC(as camcorder's battery was 7.2 Volts). Finally after finding out the pins, i tested its display by connecting it to my laptops VGA port by using VGA to Video out cable. Now for mounting the viewfinder near my eye i used Bicycle helmet, and also enclosed my basic electronics like Battery for power, switch for on/off, Video-in port and charging jack. in a hobby box and mounted on the helmet.

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