The TDA8947J Integrated Circuit chip contains four audio amplifier electronic circuit modules which can be sued for the single ended channels for the fixed gain to produce the frequency 26 dB with two times the Bridge-Tied Load channels fixed gain produce for the 32 dB for the operating signal power load source output simulation technique. 

TDA8947J Integrated Circuit 

The power package pin compatible source regulation electronic circuit module TDA8947J contains unique protection for the device security based on the multiple temperature measurement inside the chip which gives maximum temperature specification and layout terminal variation of the circuit. 

The voltage supply with no load conditions and no unnecessary audio holes can feasible the power transmission supply voltage with high and low impedance combination makes the boundary conditions highly compatible and efficient. The external heat sink ambient temperature runs with the allowed temperature unit. 

Key Features of TDA8947J:

  1. Soft clipping 
  2. Low standard current input 
  3. On and Off switching circuit power application 
  4. Standby and mute power technology 
  5. High supply voltage regulation with the ripple rejection 
  6. Thermally protected circuit 
  7. Pin compatibility and replacement 

Pinout Configuration and Top View of TDA8947J: 

The basic layout and pinout configuration of the Integrated Circuit TDA8947J is shown in the figure with respective layout and terminal specification chrematistics, please have a look 

TDA8947J Pinout Configuration 

This is the basic layout and pinout configuration of TDA8947J which is highly compatible with non-inverted pinning information and mode selection power input and output technology. 

Applications of TDA8947J: 

As shown in the figure TDA8947J is used in Television board for the signal processing picture displaying specifications 

TDA8947J Television Circuit Board

  1. It is also used in PC Speakers 
  2. Boom Box electronic devices 
  3. Mini and micro audio receiver technology instrument devices 

TDA8947J Alternatives/Replacement/Substitute/Complementary

If you are unable to und the Integrated Circuit TDA8947J then don’t worry at all, you can also the replacement of the IC which shows similar functional and thermal properties executes the same functioning and operation. 

So the substitute or an alternative of TDA8947J is TDA89447J

Equivalent Part Number of TDA8947J: 

The equivalent part number of the IC TDA8947J is TDA89447J

Data sheet of TDA8947J


The Integrated Circuit TDA8947J chip with 4 audio amplifier electronic circuit modulation is highly compatible and best for electronic devices. Because of its compact size and variable frequency and execution it is used in a wide range of electronic devices.