This is one of many money saving ideas listed on

I save over $1,500/year with them.

Water saving alone is $1,000/year but that is due to ridiculously high charges in my area.

Water saving is 80% by correcting leaks, conservation as well as substituting free groundwater for toilets as described with a fully automatic system.

If your electric water heater is a long way from the shower preheat the water in between and save water, time and energy.

I even collect and use water from the condensing gas furnace in the winter to flush toilets.

Water from a/c or if you have a sump pump could be used in the summer as well.

When you see the massive water usage of lawn watering you may be interested in conserving using this project:

Stop paying sewer charges for water that doesn't go down the sewer. 

Of course the tiny wifi webcams can also be used for home security and at the birdfeeder as shown. For only $10 each you can afford to put them everywhere. There is a small amount of I/O available for other uses as well. No app neaded to see the video or take a still picture. Just put the IP address of the cam in a browser.