Poor Teletype, I'll Give you a new home...

A project log for Hackypuff Jr.

A cheerful little cyberdeck made from a Pi4 and 80s thermal teletype.

carpespasmCarpespasm 10/03/2020 at 01:450 Comments

This project started from a desire to save an old 80s teletype that was going to be tossed out. It had spent many years sitting in a back room monitoring a long-dead access control system and probably hadn't been fed paper in so long it's last printout could be in college.

I'd been considering making a cyberdeck for some time, but putting it off since I didn't want to use an off the shelf keyboard, and had never built a custom one or converted one. I'd wanted to get an 80s PC with a built in keyboard an convert it to USB, but didn't want to buy a machine to convert just to break it anyway, so when this Texas Instruments Silent 700 thermal teletype came home with me, I was happy to give it a new least on life....