Cheap and Cheerful, but plenty capable.

A project log for Hackypuff Jr.

A cheerful little cyberdeck made from a Pi4 and 80s thermal teletype.

carpespasmCarpespasm 10/03/2020 at 02:460 Comments

A light-hearted, easy, breezy build seemed to deserve a lighter tone and theme than it's stodgily early 80s designed case would suggest. Plenty of speculative fiction around hackers involves machines tossed together in a cave with a box of scraps, so there's no shame there. I considered how to tie those parts together into a cohesive whole though, and you know what any self-respective rebellious badass hacker wouldn't be caught dead without? Stickers. An what stickers would be more fitting and badass than dinosaurs, smarmy hedgehogs, and pizza? I'd wager none. Also, no computer is without it's bugs, so bugs it has:

A slick custom printed label for it's new moniker and the build was almost complete. The only thing a good netrunner needs to run the net with the Hackypuff Jr remaining is a portable power source. Thankfully USB battery banks are cheap and easy for that problem. More hot glue keeps everything from forming a mosh pit inside:

I also tossed together a little amplified speaker set to stick to the printer lid. The fact that the printer lid can be latched down means getting into the guts of the Hackypuff Jr is dead easy. I'll likely glue down the microUSB extension lead at some point.

For the time being that's it! Feel free to suggest more feature to fill it with, or more stickers it needs to have.