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A project log for StickHub - The Space Friendly 7-Port USB 2 Hub

Shaped like a USB stick, ideal for a Raspberry Pi or Jetson. Connect up to 28 devices to a Pi.

rbtscorbtsco 10/19/2020 at 14:030 Comments

Several people pointed out it might be wise to do a little more power management than straight-up passing the 5V downstream. In specific this dialog. Looking for a solution that wouldn't compromise the device in terms of size and costs I came across the very affordable Dialog SLG5NT1487V load switch to switch off the hub power on any short circuit and regulate the inrush current of the newly added capacitors for the downstream ports. To keep things small all downstream ports share two ceramic capacitor banks made up of 22uF caps.

The power switch enable is tied to the hub 1.8V supply, which is the last to turn on according to the datasheet.

The implementation of above looks like this: