Workshop Details:

The goal of this workshop will be to give an introduction to the open-source Meta_Processing and Meta_Javascript programming environments, and show how to make creative code experiments. You can see a demo of how it works here.
Both environments help the user to write and read the code in 14 different languages. This programming environment helps avoid common syntax mistakes and supports communication with Arduino and ESP boards. Meta_Javascript, also allows the user to run the project on mobile devices connected to the same network by scanning a QR code. It adds support to communication with Arduino boards and ESP boards without the need to install Node.js or Johnny-Five, all you need is to have Meta_Javascript open. For more information:

Instructor: David Cuartas

Professor Jose David Cuartas is the director and founder of the Hypermedia laboratory (Hitec Lab) at the Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. He is a Visual Designer and has a PhD in Design and Creation from the Universidad de Caldas. He promotes the use and development of free software for environments like art, design, and entertainment. His research work focuses on exploring strategies to promote Hacker and Maker cultures in the university academic context.