Update 10/21/2020

A project log for Halloween Candy Mortar

Candy in a 35mm film container is launched towards a trick-or-treater when they step on a foot pedal 50 feet away from the launcher.

Paul McCabePaul McCabe 10/22/2020 at 00:090 Comments

Bought a bunch of 2" glow sticks and added them to the film canisters along with the candy.

Difficult to film the effect when launched but they work well and when they land it makes them easy to find in the grass. The green glow stick is much brighter than the purple glow stick. The added weight does not seem to limit the distance much. See the video. 

Also made a parachute from tissue paper and kite string that was taped to the outside of the canister lid. Taped a paper sleeve around the canister and slid it up about an inch then tucked the parachute into it. Did not work well. Parachute either deployed too early or too late. No pics of this.