First firmware: Blinky, SWD debug Serial output

A project log for OpenStoryTeller

OST (OpenStoryTeller) is an Open Source alternative to Lunii, the green (or blue!) audio story teller which is loved by all the kids around!

Anthony RabineAnthony Rabine 10/30/2020 at 10:590 Comments

Hello there!

So this week we have chosen the firmware library stack and tested some useful debug tools.

So far, we have now:

  1. A SWD debugger, a JLink probe and the Ozone tool for visual debugging
  2. A nice IDE: QtCreator
  3. A good build-engine: CMake
  4. A well-tested and simple library: Arduino SAMD21

We have also successfully tested:

Now, we are prepared to develop the entire application code. We are going to start with the SD-Card reader in the following weeks.