MCU change (RISC-V) and Audio is working!

A project log for OpenStoryTeller

OST (OpenStoryTeller) is an Open Source alternative to Lunii, the green (or blue!) audio story teller which is loved by all the kids around!

Anthony RabineAnthony Rabine 04/06/2021 at 13:290 Comments

Hello makers,

The Open Story Teller project continues with a major change: we switch the main MCU board from the Arduino MKR to a RISC-V  based board from Sipeed : Longan Nano. The MCU is a STM32 clone, the GD32 family.

This change is due to the price of the MKR ; but it can be a reliable solution for another variant of the project. The GD32 is also available with different boards such as a SeeedStudio or Lyligo brand. The SeeedStudio is very nice and has many GPIO : it may be a good candidate for our final product.

As always, the source code is available on github:

The next part will focus on the display and the buttons!