Audio Recording/Playing Telephone for Exhibitions

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A Raspberry PI based audio-phone /guide Tool.

# Initial Idea

Interact with a Telephone.

Record or hear Audiomessages via Numberdialing

Display Images supporting those audio-recordings on screen.

# Hardware

-Raspberry PI Zero

- Sparkfun USB Breakout

-Telephone (Signo)

# Operating System


# Software

Python-Program starting on boot fullscreen

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • 1 × USB Soundcard
  • 1 × Sparkfun USB-A Breakout
  • 1 × Chinch Cable Stereo 3,5mm audio cable to connect Soundcard with Speakers RJ4 Connection.

  • Platform and Tools

    georgduees10/05/2020 at 19:06 0 comments

    As time was limited and had to be done in 2 Weeks part-time, deciding to go with either Tools you know or tools you don't know was limited, so the decision at first went to a raspberrry pi with usb soundcard to keep the get-go and set up easy as "Pie".


    2.GPIO connected buttons

    3.USB Connected Soundcard soldered to the bottom of the Board:

    -- Cable Layout:

  • Initial Plan

    georgduees10/05/2020 at 18:55 0 comments


    The initial requirements where a connection of a Rotaryphone (Fetap611) to Interface with a Raspberry PI and play Audio depending on Dialing numbers.

    Optional Recording messages below numbers where the initial plan.

    1. Play Audio Messages on Dialing of Numbers

    2.Record Audio if No Audio is present.

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