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    Step 1: Gather and Assemble the Hardware Components

    Gather all parts listed in the parts list and assemble them according to the following schematic:

    With our prototype build, we did not include a terminal block as it is not entirely necessary, however it does make connecting to the Builder Base to the power supply a bit simpler. In the photo below the input leads are on the right side, and the output leads are on the left.
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    Step 2: Using the Power Supply with the Builder Base

    Once you have your circuit assembled correctly, you can now use it to power the builder base and other projects. To do this, take the Vcc and GND output leads from your power supply and connect them to the 5V and GND ports on your client respectively. You can now attach your 9V battery or other source of power to the input leads.

    Once you flip the switch to the on position the LED in the circuit and the LED on your client should illuminate. If this occurs it means you have wired your circuit correctly.