No one likes code without comments or hardware without docs...

Hardware Specs:

Includes data sheet, mechanical engineering drawing, and 3D Model (.stp)

API Docs: MagicDAQ API Docs

Includes install instructions (pip) and code examples for every function.

Need More Hardware Testing Capabilities?

Need features like current measurement, temperature measurement, relay switching, and variable voltage power output to complete your test setup?

Check out our compatible off-the-shelf test jig:

Test Module on

Test Module on

Want One?

On the MagicDAQ website we're offering the DAQ for sale to firms at commercial rates.

If you are an educational or hobbyist user, feel free to send us an email and we can offer you a substantial discount.


We'd love some help getting MagicDAQ out to the world. If you're interested in being a distribution partner, please email us.

Want to Talk?

Got technical questions? Just want to chat?

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