MiniHawk-VTOL MH7 (v2.0) Teaser

A project log for MiniHawk VTOL

A fully 3D-Printable VTOL aircraft, designed as a hybrid fixed-wing plank + tricopter planform. For FPV and UAV experimentation.

Steve CarlsonSteve Carlson 04/06/2021 at 21:391 Comment

Teaser for the next version!

Coming soon, to the GitHub repo and this project page, a new variant approaches!

Featuring the following improvements:

Arriving in a few days, stay tuned!


steve.nazareth wrote 05/01/2021 at 04:18 point

Was going to start on the MiniHawk VTOL and then saw this teaser post for the next version

MiniHawk-VTOL MH7 (v2.0) and decided to wait to print this one instead . Is there any changes in the electronics when compared to the  MiniHawk VTOL . Would appreciate knowing this as I was in the mean time planning on purchasing the electronics while I wait for the release of v2.0

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