DUMRONv2.0 released

A project log for General purpose remote controlled mobile robot

Robot on a tank chassis with a manipulator and FPV camera.

Danya0x07Danya0x07 10/09/2020 at 15:250 Comments

A huge update for robot and RC is just released. I was working on it since summer (but not only on it of course).

Hardware update:

An extension board added. The board provides an easy way to connect different modules to power lines with different voltage and data interface lines (SPI, I2C, 1-Wire) without soldering.

The extension board is just below and to the right of the middle of the photo.

FPV Camera has been moved to a place with a better view. So, the robot has become a little more compact.
FPV Camera has been attached to the frame to which the manipulator is attached.

Powerful lighting LED instead of 4 green LEDs which actually don't provide enough light to make the camera see anything in the darkness.

1W lighting LED.

Small constructive improvements to the remote control case. No impressing photos.

Software update:

of robot: (in Russian)

of remote control: (in Russian)