This mod gives you complete control over your infrared remote. With a powerful 32K microcontroller, any protocol can be used, even custom or non standard infrared protocols.

Now you can program any commands, protocols, devices into this remote using the included source code.  Easily enter the commands in the list, and compile. Supports 6 of the most common infrared protocols, NEC, NEC2, REC80, SONY12, NECrnc, and DISHIR using 3 carrier frequencies, 38 KHz, 40 KHz and 57 KHz.
Or you can design your own customized Infrared protocol.
Also included is the schematic diagram and a pogo pin adapter for programming.

Nowadays there are many electronic devices that use infrared remotes. Most of the programmable universal remotes do not have the specific codes to program your Chinese TV Box, a rare TV or Blue Ray player, or even an air conditioner.

There are only three things you need to know about the infrared device you are attempting to control.

1. You must know the protocol the device uses. Many modern electronics these days use the NEC1 infrared protocol.
2. Every device has a system address or device address. This is necessary for effectively
communicating with the device.
3. Every button or key on the remote transmits a command. You will need these commands. 

The easiest way to obtain this information is by using an Infrared Decoder connected to your PC. The decoder will decode commands from your remote control and display the results in a terminal program.

When you have all the commands captured, simply edit the command table with the custom command, save the file and compile. It's that easy!

.db 95,255,255,255,26,85,12,19  ; 0 - 7
.db 89,81,86,20,27,71,83,80     ; 8 - 15
.db 18,79,76,14,75,72,10,68     ;16 - 23
.db 3,31,64,93,16,23,255,28     ;24 - 31
.db 9,13,77,8,255,77,255,255    ;32 - 39

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