Extracting the ROM board and attempt dump!

A project log for Dissecting a hand-held NOAC console (Sup 400-in-1)

This is an attempt to understand how these little things work, and what we can do on it.

nyh-workshopNYH-workshop 11/14/2020 at 15:030 Comments

After getting the ChipQuik and try to manually remove the thing without overheating it (I hope so), I got the thing out finally!

And with that SO-44 to DIP adapter I have, this will be handy in dumping the ROM without resoldering the wires to the ROM board again.

However, I have to file off the edges a bit just for the board to fit into the adapter:

This is how it looks like after it is fitted into the adapter:

And after connecting it again to the board with MCP23017 and a Raspberry Pi I tried reading the first few bytes just to see a 0xFFFF or 0xFF00 as the data output. It can't be even right and these values are not even consistent! So after a few hours of research and digging, I'm suspecting that there's an RST pin which I missed out: 

There it is. After soldering it to +3.3V and reattempted the read, it finally give a meaningful output (or at least it doesn't jump around or keep showing 0xFFFF for multiple reads on the same address).

Next is how am I gonna dump the rest of the whole thing? This is the question and I'm writing up a Python script inside now.