Attempt no.2 : New information!

A project log for Dissecting a hand-held NOAC console (Sup 400-in-1)

This is an attempt to understand how these little things work, and what we can do on it.

nyh-workshopNYH-workshop 01/25/2023 at 12:520 Comments

Yes, it has been a very long time since I updated here due to the lack of information on these little things.

Previously, I have only managed to get a partial dump of the ROM - possibly only the first 8 megabytes.

However, someone on the 'net has managed to upload another schematic of the ROM carrier board - this time there's a slight variation on the A22 and A23 pin which I couldn't locate earlier:

(Thanks to the person who uploaded this - I couldn't find this link anymore!)

I took out that dumper board which I made it using the Raspberry Pi and some MCP23017s since 2020 and tried to reconnect the A22 and A23. However, the dumping is pretty slow and could take a day or so, and as a little preview I managed to see some menu cut-outs and game titles inside (I dumped from 0x80000 onwards). I believe that it has a menu in Mandarin too:

And I found a list of game using the HxD too:

Earlier in 2022, someone examined the ROM dump and uploaded it into a forum, however these dumps couldn't be downloaded, it's a broken link instead:

Not only the person had dumped it but he/she had possibly get it to work using the EmuVT emulator:

Also, there are a number of videos that is showing the unit being modified to play other compilation of games:

There are no schematics provided or instructions posted in these videos, so if there are any new information on these, you can put in the comments below! :D