Irrigation Update

A project log for Renewable Greenhouse

An excuse to make a small power system, and work on some cool sensor systems for watering plants.

Sam GriffenSam Griffen 04/17/2021 at 02:140 Comments

So I did some testing of the pump. Actually, I did a lot of testing, and there are now drip lines and sprinklers throughout the planter bed. I'm pretty happy with these sprinklers, here is a photo of one:

With enough pressure, these things spray a lot of water over the garden bed, so that is definitely a win.

However, there were problems. The pump I had chosen to irrigate the system is small. I chose the pump based on a litres per hour rating, however did not consider the pressure I would need as part of this analysis. Really my only option here was to get another pump, and create more pressure. 

Did you know that it is actually pretty easy to 3D print a pump as long as you have a motor lying around? I didn't, but found that out pretty quickly. This is my attempt at a pump:

It works, but really it isn't better than the one I had. A cool experiment regardless, I am sure I can use this for something at some point.

At about this point, uni started again, and I have not had any time to work on this since. Ah well, there is always the midyear break!

P.S. I got a big barrel:

Keep your eyes peeled for the rainwater harvesting system to make this system comnpletely self sufficient!