Building the LED tubes:

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edward-c-deaver-ivEdward C. Deaver, IV 10/16/2020 at 20:400 Comments

To create the LED tubes, I got  8-foot plastic tubes, normally used for premade lights, from Home Depot. I created an 8-foot strand of lights from 2 4’ lights for one tube, and ordered an 8-foot strand for the other. You may notice that once inside the tube you can’t pull the strip to expose the adhesive. I found a YouTube video that said to use a fishing hook and hook it into the adhesive. Instead of a fishing hook I found a rubber coated paper clip works well. When you are doing this make sure the paper clip is closed up and not fashioned like a hook. If it’s like a hook it will catch on your LEDS and you’ll have to make an incision in your tube to fix it. To diffuse the light, I used parchment paper. 

Here is a fast-forward video of building one of the tubes: